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IP Services

A service we are particularly strong in is the Intellectual Property field,
handling patents, trademarks, designs for our foreign clients.
We have a dedicated department for IP related services and specialized patent attorneys and translators.

What Sets Us Apart From Other IP Firms in Japan:

  • The most affordable fees on the market
  • Quality representation at the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and Japan Copyright Office (JCO)
  • Patent attorneys proficient in English at high levels
  • High quality Japanese translations
Patents, Trademarks, Designs

Affordable IP Services for you


IP Services Related to Patents:

  • Filing patent aplications with Japan Patent Office (JPO)
    either as PCT applications or through the Paris Convention
  • Filing for examination request
  • Requesting examination through the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH when applicable)
  • Filing divisional aplications
  • Voluntary amendment of claims or detailed description
  • Payment of annuity and maintenance fees for patents at Japan Patent Office
  • Drafting in Japanese and filing petitions, statements, cover letters
  • Drafting in Japanese and filing responses to Office Actions
  • Filing for changes in patent registration such as the name and address of right holder and details of any transfer rights
  • Registration of patents, trademarks, and design once they have been granted by Japan Patent Office (JPO)


  • Trademark search
  • Advising on choosing the right category for the trademark
  • Trademark registration filings with Japan Patent Office. In Japan there are:
    • Characters (phonetic) trademarks
    • Figures (logos, symbols, designs) trademarks
    • Combination of characters and figures trademarks
    • Three-dimensional trademarks
    • Non-traditional trademarks (colors, sounds, motions, holograms, and positions)
  • Responding to Office Actions for trademark
  • Filing for changes in trademarks registration such as name and address of the applicant and details of any transfer of rights
  • Responding to opposition from Japan Patent Office (JPO)/ trademark prosecution


  • Filing of design applications with Japan Patent Office
  • Responding to Office Actions from Japan Patent Office(JPO) for design applications
  • Design agreements
  • Design clearance services
About the fees


Professional Patent Translations from English to Japanese

We have an expert team of translators, each with profound knowledge of the IP industry and experience in translation of patent materials.
Therefore, we are able to provide accurate, professional, technical, and legal patent translations from English to Japanese.

IP related translations include:

  • Translations of patent application (title, abstract, detailed description, claims, drawings)
  • Translations of patent amendments (PCT/ Art 34, voluntary amendments)
  • Translations of petitions, statements, cover letters, and any correspondence with the patent examiner
  • Translations of designs (product name, statement of newness and distictivness)


One of our unabated policy is to keep the fees as low as possible,
striving to be the lowest service fees on the market,
while offering top quality services.

Regarding the official fees, these can be referenced directly from the site of Japan Patent Office (JPO).
Please feel free to contact us, and we wil offer guidance if needed.

China and Korea

Apart from our expertise in Japan, for our clients who have filed applications with Japan Patent Office, at request we can handle all the needed IP filings and correspondence with the Patent Offices in China (CNIPA) and Korea (KIPO), too. With our network of local attorneys in Korea and China, we are able to file patent, trademark, design applications, examination requests, amendments, replies to Office Actions, communication with the offices, and all the needful.

Vision and Mission

Japan Promotion Agency assists international firms in establishing themselves in Japan through workable solutions and support for government contractors, non-profits, and private enterprises. We have developed the necessary knowledge and confidence on ho to guide our foreign clients toward bridging the gaps with the Japanese market.

Our mission is to guide and support foreign clients in navigating the Japanese IP landscape and communication with the Japanese Patent Office, ensuring their trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights, and other intellectual properties are protected and enforced effectively. We understand the challenges faced by foreign inventors and firms, offering comprehensive solutions and overcoming language barriers to ensure successful IP applications in Japan.