Representative Office, Liason Office, BPO solutions Representative Office, Liason Office, BPO solutions

The Team

Fumiya Sakow

Mr. Sakow is the founder and the president of the agency.

Alex N. Sherman
Director. In charge, international relations

Mr. Sherman is one of the founding directors of the Agency and has helped with the international expansion of the business.

Most probably, he is the one who will keep contact with you and answer your questions and problems.

Masao Teramoto

Mr. Teramoto has a broad network of connections in Japan which we use in order to complete our assignments smoothly and well.

Kenji Sasaki

Mr. Sasaki is always rready to grab new business opportunities and connect Japan to the world and the world to Japan.

Masami Fujii
In charge, public relations & business consulting

Mr. Fujii is managing and updating our databases.

He keeps contact with the Japanese government institutions, with business and investment promotion agencies, and other organizations.

Hiroshi Ikegami
Patent Attorney

Hiroshi is a skillful patent and trademark attorney authorized to practice at Japan Patent Office.
He is in charge with patent prosecution and all kinds of filings at JPO or for our clients.

George Nakamura
Information collection

George is the one on the run, all day long,
looking to collect new information, still unearthed by anyone, so that we are a step ahead.

We developed a team of specialists that can cover a wide array of fields. Our bilingual staff is able to perform multiple tasks in a flexible manner.

We also cooperate with Japanese organizations like JETRO and regional Chambers of Commerce that can provide information needed by our clients overseas.

Our flexibility and networking allow us to help a broad spectrum of foreign organizations that need a window agency in Japan in multiple spheres of business.

We respect and protect client and individual confidences and proprietary information. Adherence to the code of ethics to protect our clients' interests is one of our main priorities.