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Vision and Mission

We understand that many foreign inventors or IP firms who want to file applications in Japan encounter more hurdles than in other countries including but not limited to the language barrier and practices.

We have developed the necessary knowledge and confidence on how to guide our foreign clients, how to bridge the gaps with the Japanese system. We are committed to providing the quality services that our clients expect, wether it's about filings and communication with Japan Patent Office, translations, or any kind of IP services.

What sets us apart from other IP firms in Japan:

  • Offering the most affordable fees on the market.
  • Our patent attorneys are proficient in English high level.
  • High quality Japanese translations at most reasonable fees.
Patents, Trademarks, Designs

Affordable IP Services for you


IP services related to Patents:

  • Filing Patent aplications with Japan Patent Office.
    Filings can be done as PCT applications or through the Paris Convention.
  • Filing for examination request.
  • Requesting examination through the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH), when applicable
  • Filing divisional aplications
  • Voluntary amendment of Claims or detailed description
  • Payment of annuity and maintenance fees for patents, at Japan Patent Office.
  • Drafting in Japanese and filing petitions, statements, cover letters
  • Drafting in Japanese and filing responses to Office Actions
  • Filing for changes in patent's registration, such as name, address, transfer of rights.
  • Registration of Patents, Trademarks and Design, once they have been granted by JPO.


  • Trademark search.
  • Advising on choosing the right category for the trademark.
  • Trademark registration filings with Japan Patent Office. In Japan there are:
    • Characters (phonetic) trademarks
    • Figures (logos, symbols, designs) trademarks
    • Combination of characters and figures trademarks
    • Three-dimensional trademarks
    • Non-traditional trademarks (colors, sounds, motions, holograms and positions)
  • Responding to Office Actions for trademark.
  • Filing for changes in trademark's registration, such as name, address, transfer of rights.


  • FiIing of Design applications with Japan Patent Office.
  • Responding to Office Actions from JPO, for design applications.
About the fees


Professional patent translations from English to Japanese.

Each member of our team of translators is specialized in a certain field, and has much experience in translation of patent material.
Therefore, we provide accurate, professional patent translation, technical and legal translation from English to Japanese.

IP related translations include:

  • Translations of patent application (title, abstract, detailed description, claims, drawings)
  • Translations of patent amendments (PCT/ Art 34, voluntary amendments)
  • Translations of petitions, statements, cover letters and any correspondence with the patent examiner
  • Translations of designs (product name, statement of newness and distictivness)


One of our unabated policy is to keep the fees as low as possible,
targeting to be the lowest service fees on the market,
while offering top quality services.