- Liaison / representative services
- Incorporation or branch registration of a foreign company, in Japan
- Staffing - dispatch or recruit individual staff dedicated to your own tasks and needs.
- Provide physical address, nominee director, opening bank account.
- Accounting services
- Translations, maintaining a Japanese website, etc.

Our clients appoint JPA as their representative in Japan, to perform the assigned tasks or act on their behalf in situations where they themselves cannot be present.

For details, please check the Service section.

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Japan Promotion Agency is a dynamic and flexible chartered Agency based in Tokyo, that provides workable solutions for foreign small to medium sized businesses needing presence in Japan.

Our main activity is representing foreign companies, organizations and individual businesses seeking commercial or status presence in Japan.
We provide a full range of representative office services, corresponding to your needs, professionally.

It is well known that the representative office is the simplest and most cost effective choice as the first step to entering this new market.
It allows physical presence in Japan, without allocating a high budget.

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Simple, Small, Flexible. These are our key words which clearly convey the standard of our services.
We endeavor to provide flexible, efficient and cost effective services that match a broad range of service industries.

We have developed a team of multifarious specialists that can cover a wide array of fields, professionally.
Our bilingual staff is really efficient and is able to perform multiple various tasks flexibly, to fulfill your requirements.

We respect and protect client and individual confidences and proprietary information. Adherence to the code of ethics to protect our clients' interests is one of our main priorities.

We always bear in mind to optimize the Cost-Performance ratio, so that we don't charge our customers unnecessary high fees; one way to do this is to cut the running costs.

For example, our office is spacious and cozy, located in central Tokyo; however, we decided not to use some unreasonably expensive office space in some fancy sky-scrapers.

We do not spend a fortune on advertising our services; we only pin-point each of our valuable high-class customers. Most of our clients are from other customers' referrals.

So, you can be sure that with a minimum investment, your interests in the Japanese market are served according to your needs.

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